The story began with a father who put notes in his daughter’s lunch each day with a Daddy-Doodled “Squarenimal” on cutout paper. One friend on each sheet, easily accessorized with some scribbles of color and a handwritten note. Soon thereafter, the notes were being traded in school and a perforated notebook was produced for easy creativity on coffee starved mornings.

Brand6 was brought in to take the idea and expand the message of community. Each character was given their own quirky personality and while they are all individuals, the Squarenimals know that together, they’re better.

Along with designing the brand identity, web presence and marketing collateral, Brand6 concepted, designed and produce a line of organic onesies, tees, totes, stickers and limited edition plush toys for the launch. With the product on shelves and online, we focused on further enhancing the brand message through social media, animation and story development.

And the story continues to evolve with an iMessage sticker app and TV series concept in the works.